Happenings - photobeyer

Flutist warming up before Concert Porsgrund Musikkforenings Orkester and PicoCanto in Fredrikshalds Teater Oct 24th 2010.


So far I have had no lasting "Photo Projects". The closest I come to this term, is snapping Pictures within the quire I'm in. - PicoCanto.  A lot is happening at Allsang på grensen at Fredriksten Festning Halden.  One of my goals is to become a great storyteller. I keep on trying. ;-)

Pushwagner Soli Brug 06.09.2015.

Rock-legend Tor Brynildsen celebrating 60-artist years 03.10.2015:

Salmon Smokers at the pub Siste Reis, Halden 12.10.2015.