Streetlife - photobeyer


I consider myself a Street Photographer – in a somewhat extended understanding of the term. Close to a 100% of the pictures I take, when I’m “on my own”, is captured without looking in the the viewfinder. When something catch my eye, maybe a colour, a shape, person(s), light – I’m transformed from a midle aged (some would call it old) pedestrian, to a top focused hunter. The soundboard in my brain tells me that something might happen here and that “you have better be sure your index finger is ready for action.” The main reason I do not address my fellowmen before i press the button, is that I wish to capture, stop and freeze “life”. So simple and so huge. This approach requires and presuppose, a respect and love to all humans. It is a matter of course that you never print or show a photo of this kind, if you doubt that one or more of the people in your picture would be offended if they knew. Be a kind photographer! :-)

Street Photography vs Humanist Photogrphy